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White Heart Award

White Heart Award Winners from left to right: left, Steven Entwistle; top right, Troy Wallin; bottom right, Maria Lammers.


Congratulations to the three winners of our first White Heart Award contest, honoring the people who go above and beyond to support dairy farms. The award was launched in May, in connection with Mental Health Awareness month, to shine the light on the positive things that were happening despite unprecedented challenges. Each of these deserving winners will have their nomination story featured in individual blog posts in the coming months. In the meantime, please help us thank them for the dedication to dairy! 


2020 White Heart Award Winners:

  • 2020 Central White Heart Award Winner Maria Lammers, nominated by Kathryn Frankenberg from Frankenberg Family Farm. 

  • 2020 Eastern White Heart Award Winner Steven Entwistle, nominated by Betty Holman from Entwistle Brothers Farm.

  • 2020 Western White Heart Award Winner Troy Wallin, nominated by Kathy Wallin from Troy Wallin Dairy.