Dairy Dreams Shared.

You Live for these Dreams.

Your family. Your cows. The future of your business. Cargill helps feed these dreams of more milk production, better component efficiency, higher income over feed costs, heathier calves or simply a better quality of life. These are the stories of dreams meeting reality. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.



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Robers' Hidden Acres

A herd averaging six pounds of components doesn’t usually have much room for improvement. But, when they were challenged to make “some serious milk,” the dairy responded.

You need to be an artist to do this.

From the very beginning, the goal was always to install a rotary parlor but they wanted someone they trusted to give an open and honest opinion. They asked their Cargill Dairy Nutritionist, Brent Robinson, to help.

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One dream should never end another.

Kirk owns nearly 1,000 acres and 500 Holstein cows in Hyde Park, Vermont all free and clear. In an industry where many struggle with debt management, this is a momentous achievement.

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Tractor Rollovers: How to avoid them, and how to react to them.

Over the years, tractor rollovers have been an ongoing risk for our customers. Unfortunately, many of us know a customer or farm family impacted by this tragedy.

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