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Maybe you feel the pressure of being the dairy’s next generation. Things keep getting more complicated. Staying profitable is tougher than ever. And on top of that, you want the generation after you to step into a thriving dairy. Lean on us. We can help you navigate new technologies and management practices, so that you can realize your dreams. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

White Heart Award

People Supporting Dairy Farmers

The White Heart Award nomination period has ended and winners will be announced in a few weeks! 

We would love to know which story you found most worthy of a White Heart Award. Read their stories here and click below to send us your feedback. 

Feedback on the Nominees

Rumen insights for managing component efficiency

If you’re paid based on pounds of fat and protein shipped then component efficiency is one of the best ways to measure your profitability.

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Focusing on people means putting safety first

With a history dating back to 1890, Oakridge Dairy is no stranger to the industry. Yet as dairy economics presented more and more challenges, Seth Bahler knew that in order to continue his family farm’s legacy, the operation as they knew it would have to change.

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Calf Rehydration: It takes more than you may think

Dehydration in calves experiencing scours is often underestimated. A scouring calf can lose anywhere between 5 and 10% of its body weight in water within one day. There are several ways to help determine a calf's dehydration level.

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Ignite fire safety on the farm

Although the Fourth of July shines light on fire safety for everyone, it’s important to realize how crucial general fire safety is on a dairy year-round. This can be in relation to equipment in the milk house, barns, and so much more. Being prepared for these disasters can save lives and prevent costly damages.

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