Dairy Dreams Shared.

You Live for these Dreams.

Your family. Your cows. The future of your business. Cargill helps feed these dreams of more milk production, better component efficiency, higher income over feed costs, heathier calves or simply a better quality of life. These are the stories of dreams meeting reality. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

Handling Cattle around Robotic Milkers

Safety is a priority in the work we do, and we share that with everyone we cross paths with on a given day. Much has been written about handling cows on their way to the parlor and in the holding area, but less information is available on ways to stay safe on robotic milking dairies. Milking cows with robots presents some unique challenges in cow movement, and these are several principles I encourage my customers to keep in mind.

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From Humble Beginnings

At Cargill Animal Nutrition we strive to hire the best people in the industry. People that are passionate, committed and able to deliver the positive results that dairy producers need to thrive

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Tips for Mitigating Heat Stress in Calves

When summer rolls around thoughts of the beach, family barbeques, and fireworks usually do too, but something else that should be top-of-mind is the increased risk of heat stress in calves. 

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Career Dreams

Meet the teammates who make our dairy business a dynamic organization of individuals who support each another, learn and problem solve together to help our customers succeed.