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We all have a reason for farm safety, now let’s take action.

Cargill is partnering with the National Dairy FARM Program – Farmers Assuring Responsible Management – to help dairy farmers identify safety opportunities specific to their own operations through our online Actionable Safety Review toolAs a thank you, dairy farmers who complete their review will also receive 2 high-visibility, reflective safety ball caps while supplies last.

Live Dairy Safety


Utilize our Actionable Safety Review tool to review and record areas for safety opportunities on your dairy.

  • Access safety advice and resources from the Cargill and FARM Team
  • Receive an emailed copy of your completed review to use and save
  • As a thank-you, you will also be mailed 2 high-visibility hats

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Management strategies for overcrowding

Sustaining high stocking density normally affects subdominant cows the most. Management strategies that address changes in subdominant cow behavior while overstocking can help maximize your herd’s potential.

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Prioritize silage safety: Print your checklist

Uneven footing, hazardous gasses, long working hours, and reduced visibility are just a few of the risks that are all too common on many operations. Prioritize safety and print your silage safety checklist today.

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A forage report’s value is in its analysis

The value of a forage report comes from its analysis and the actions taken by the farm thereafter. Analyzing forage reports can give farms the chance to identify opportunities and challenges to fix as well as successes to duplicate for next season.

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Heat Stress - What’s the Hype?

Heat stress costs the dairy industry over $897 million annually in losses attributed to decreased performance, increased mortality, and decreased reproduction. Producers know heat stress can have severe impacts on cattle, but what exactly happens to a cow experiencing heat stress?

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