Dairy Dreams Shared.

You Live for these Dreams.

Your family. Your cows. The future of your business. Cargill helps feed these dreams of more milk production, better component efficiency, higher income over feed costs, heathier calves or simply a better quality of life. These are the stories of dreams meeting reality. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

Dream team drives dairy performance

Long commutes are common in a big city, but what would make a person drive over an hour each way to work at a dairy? A good teammate or two might make someone think about it, but it would take the right team, a dream team, to make that happen.

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Safety Tip: Be Viz-able on farm; It could save your life!

We all know that spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the rush of spring work and getting crops planted.  Now is a good time for each of us to review some of the hazards and key safety topics, and to help our family, friends and neighbors do the same.

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Q&A with Dr. Chris Canale

We let dairy producers ask Dr. Chris Canale anything they wanted. There were three big questions that kept coming up over and over again, leading to passionate and productive discussions. Watch our video Q&A with Dr. Canale to experience the conversation yourself.

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That’s the magic is finding the point where things are rocking and rolling.

Four Mile Creek Dairy, Hillsdale, Wis., is the dream of owning a business brought to life for Jim and Audrey Kusilek. The 1,400-cow dairy works with Cargill Dairy Focus Consultant Kevin Lagerstrom to feed their dreams of growing their dairy for the future.