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We all have a reason for farm safety, now let’s take action.

Cargill is partnering with the National Dairy FARM Program – Farmers Assuring Responsible Management – to help dairy farmers identify safety opportunities specific to their own operations through our online Actionable Safety Review toolAs a thank you, dairy farmers who complete their review will also receive 2 high-visibility, reflective safety ball caps while supplies last.

Live Dairy Safety


Utilize our Actionable Safety Review tool to review and record areas for safety opportunities on your dairy.

  • Access safety advice and resources from the Cargill and FARM Team
  • Receive an emailed copy of your completed review to use and save
  • As a thank-you, you will also be mailed 2 high-visibility hats

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Heat Stress - What’s the Hype?

Heat stress costs the dairy industry over $897 million annually in losses attributed to decreased performance, increased mortality, and decreased reproduction. Producers know heat stress can have severe impacts on cattle, but what exactly happens to a cow experiencing heat stress?

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Calves and water: Why offering water from day one is essential for proper health and development

Since water is essential for digestion and nutrient absorption, it should be offered free choice, beginning day one when calves are moved to hutches or other housing.

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Live Dairy Safety through action

Review the actionable safety areas on your farm and receive advice and recommendations from our Cargill and The National Dairy FARM Program Team. Two high-visibility, reflective hats will be mailed to you as a thank-you for your commitment to safety!

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Be Viz-able on farm, it could save a life!

We all know that spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the rush of spring work and getting crops planted. Now is a good time for each of us to review some of the hazards and key safety topics, and to help our family, friends, and neighbors do the same. 

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