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Dairy Dreams Shared.

You Live for these Dreams.

Your family. Your cows. The future of your business. Cargill helps feed these dreams of more milk production, better component efficiency, higher income over feed costs, heathier calves or simply a better quality of life. These are the stories of dreams meeting reality. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

Thinking direct supply? Know before you go

Based on my experiences, I can offer some insights into how these companies purchase milk and what details can make the difference in being selected as a preferred milk supplier. 

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A Dairy Cow a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

What would you say today if your doctor told you farming would be good for your health? Well, that’s exactly what prompted Steve and Ken Ihlenfeld’s grandfather to buy a dairy farm in 1955.

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What mycotoxins are most common?

Mycotoxins have an estimated 5 billion USD impact on the US and Canadian animal industries annually. While mycotoxin contamination can be difficult to completely assess due to sampling and testing complexity, it is critical to understand the extent of mycotoxin challenges in feed ingredient sources. 

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