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Meet MAX

Your Cargill Consultant’s Upgraded Sidekick.

Our upgraded dairy MAXTM software solution gives your Cargill consultant more detailed data, better insights, and real-time feedback. Whether you’re milking 500 or 5,000 cows, MAX helps your consultant give you the clarity needed to make profitable and precise choices to solve complex nutrition challenges.

What’s the POWER of MAX?


  • MAX helps your consultant take operational factors and translate them into what’s best for your income over feed costs.

  • MAX examines the economic value of feed ingredients to find the most cost-effective nutrition solution.

  • MAX features a powerful prediction engine that your consultant uses to forecast scenarios and plan for future goals.

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Producer Questions and Answers for Promote® I.C.E.® PLUS

Tim Thompson, Senior Dairy Specialist for the upper Midwest, answers his most frequently asked questions from producers about heat stress and feeding Cargill’s heat stress additive, Promote® I.C.E.® PLUS.  

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Lose Less Calculator

Ready to lose less this summer? Input your values to see the additional milk and revenue you could gain by including Promote® I.C.E.® PLUS in your cow diets during heat stress conditions. 

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Research Proves Cows Can Be Cooled from the Inside Out

Preparing a cow for heat stress by feeding a heat stress additive can help improve her body’s response and help you lose less this summer. Research trials and more than 20 years of in-field experience demonstrates the success of Promote® I.C.E.® PLUS.

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Comparing Feed Additives for Heat Stress

The three major classes of feed additives for mitigating heat stress include vasodilators, electrolytes, and osmolytes. Though all three provide some alleviation to heat stress and its effects, there are distinct differences to how they work and affect your cows.

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