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Meet MAX

Your Cargill Consultant’s Upgraded Sidekick.

Our upgraded dairy MAXTM software solution gives your Cargill consultant more detailed data, better insights, and real-time feedback. Whether you’re milking 500 or 5,000 cows, MAX helps your consultant give you the clarity needed to make profitable and precise choices to solve complex nutrition challenges.

What’s the POWER of MAX?


  • MAX helps your consultant take operational factors and translate them into what’s best for your income over feed costs.

  • MAX examines the economic value of feed ingredients to find the most cost-effective nutrition solution.

  • MAX features a powerful prediction engine that your consultant uses to forecast scenarios and plan for future goals.

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Mycotoxins in feed, now what?

Gather information about what is happening in your area and, most importantly, sample and analyze frequently throughout the harvest season and periodically in warm weather during feed out for toxins likely to be a risk to your business.

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A Checklist to Reducing Feed Cost

There are several strategies you can use to find and realize lower feed cost on your farm. Here is a checklist to help you review your farm’s feed management. For the protocols you leave unchecked, consider its pros and cons, while also considering the return on investment.

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Interns: Different Backgrounds, Common Goals

Cargill Animal Nutrition has multiple interns working in the dairy space. They all have different backgrounds within the dairy and agriculture industry. Despite this, they all share common goals for their summer with Cargill.

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Almond Hulls - A Versatile By-Product

Almond hull’s high energy profile makes it a cost-effective substitute for concentrates and starch ingredients, and as a silage extender for dairies in California and out West.

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