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Maybe you feel the pressure of being the dairy’s next generation. Things keep getting more complicated. Staying profitable is tougher than ever. And on top of that, you want the generation after you to step into a thriving dairy. Lean on us. We can help you navigate new technologies and management practices, so that you can realize your dreams. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

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Embrace the decade of efficiency

As we enter the next decade, resolve to make your milk more valuable by building and maintaining a herd with elite production. Start by calculating your component efficiency today to see where you stand, and make a plan to sustain your dairy into the future.

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Two reasons to care about two-year-olds

Your youngest producers set the bar for milk production. Mike Messman, Ph.D., Dairy Technical Services Manager, Cargill, covers two critical reasons why you should be focusing on the two-year-olds in your herd. If you identify these areas as a challenge, here are three key practices that your farm could implement to help. 

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How sustainability impacts your bottom line

Any discussion of sustainability and its promise for farming needs to begin with a question. What exactly is sustainability? For many years, its definition has been influenced by verification and certification. But, as 2020 approaches, we’re seeing a shift. Read more about Cargill Global Row Crop Sustainability Director Ryan Sirolli’s take on how sustainability impacts your bottom line. 

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ATV and UTV Farm Safety

Whether it is hauling feed or checking cattle ATVs and UTVs are useful when it comes to completing farm work. These “farm toys” can quickly become dangerous tools when not utilized properly. These tips are a great reminder for you, farm help, or even younger family members on the safe and correct way to operate farm ATVs and UTVs.

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Better nutrition meant money on animal health

Calves just never seemed to get started right at Stony Brook Farms in Eastern New York. Respiratory disease was almost part of the SOP, and the dairy was spending a lot on vaccines and treatment. Once Gary Moore from Cargill got involved, calf health improved and the drug bill went down.  

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