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Maybe you feel the pressure of being the dairy’s next generation. Things keep getting more complicated. Staying profitable is tougher than ever. And on top of that, you want the generation after you to step into a thriving dairy. Lean on us. We can help you navigate new technologies and management practices, so that you can realize your dreams. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

White Heart Award

People Supporting Dairy Farmers

Congratulations to our 2020 White Heart Award Winners:

  • Central Region: Maria Lammers, nominated by Kathryn Frankenberg from Frankenberg Family Farm 

  • Eastern Region: Steven Entwistle nominated by Betty Holman from Entwistle Brothers Farm

  • Western Region: Troy Wallin nominated by Kathy Wallin from Troy Wallin Dairy

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We are excited to be a Gold sponsor for Dairy Week! Celebrate the dairy industry during this free, virtual event.

Dairy Week
Sept. 28- Oct. 3, 2020

Promoting lifelong dairy lovers

Each spring Maria Lammers takes her students on a farm tour to Frankenberg Family Farm to show them where their food comes from and the importance of farming. This passion and dedication to sharing her love and gratitude for dairy farming and farmers with her preschool students is what inspired Kathryn Frankenberg to nominate Maria for a White Heart Award, and why Cargill is proud to name her the Central White Heart Award Winner.

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Getting it Right when Balancing Partial Mixed Rations

Successfully implementing a robotic milking system starts with a clear understanding of the impact and demand on the nutrition program. While robotic systems can be the solution to many challenges on the dairy, they are not without challenges of their own.

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Building a better heifer

Having a strategic calf and heifer plan and implementing it means going beyond writing your goals down. Reviewing calf inventories, along with calculating cost per pound of gain and recording average daily gains for your calves and heifers is a great place to start. 

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