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We all have a reason for farm safety, now let’s take action.

Cargill is partnering with the National Dairy FARM Program – Farmers Assuring Responsible Management – to help dairy farmers identify safety opportunities specific to their own operations through our online Actionable Safety Review toolAs a thank you, dairy farmers who complete their review will also receive 2 high-visibility, reflective safety ball caps while supplies last.

Live Dairy Safety


Utilize our Actionable Safety Review tool to review and record areas for safety opportunities on your dairy.

  • Access safety advice and resources from the Cargill and FARM Team
  • Receive an emailed copy of your completed review to use and save
  • As a thank-you, you will also be mailed 2 high-visibility hats

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Better communication, better teamwork, and better management

Burns Family Farms explains how Chase Cashell, their Cargill Dairy Focus Consultant, goes beyond formulating rations and takes responsibility as a part of the farm’s management team.

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Nutritional strategies for overcrowding

Maintaining high stocking density can have greater effects on subdominant cows and sometimes even limit your top performers. To maximize your herd’s potential when overcrowding focus on nutritional strategies that address changes in subdominant cow behavior.

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Entering the beef-on-dairy market

The beef-on-dairy market is a booming sector of the dairy industry and the reward is there. A typical auction dairy calf can now become a more valuable beef cross, however, the process for entering this market requires careful, forward planning.

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Management check list to reducing feed cost

When looking to reduce feed cost and incorporate economical nutrition solutions turn to your nutritionist or dairy consultant. Our team at Cargill can help with valuable insight. Print your reducing feed cost check list!

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