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Meet MAX

Your Cargill Consultant’s Upgraded Sidekick.

Our upgraded dairy MAXTM software solution gives your Cargill consultant more detailed data, better insights, and real-time feedback. Whether you’re milking 500 or 5,000 cows, MAX helps your consultant give you the clarity needed to make profitable and precise choices to solve complex nutrition challenges.

What’s the POWER of MAX?


  • MAX helps your consultant take operational factors and translate them into what’s best for your income over feed costs.

  • MAX examines the economic value of feed ingredients to find the most cost-effective nutrition solution.

  • MAX features a powerful prediction engine that your consultant uses to forecast scenarios and plan for future goals.

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It’s all about the nutrients

Cash flow and herd health are frequently two competing factors on any dairy farm. Maple View Farms has found success through managing feed down to the nutrient level with the help of dairy MAX.

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What’s the power of MAX™?

Dairy farmers make critical decisions every day related to their farm’s profitability, animal health, nutrition, and more. To help make these critical decisions, Cargill consultants use our upgraded and powerful software solution – dairy MAX.

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Four ways to improve feed bunk management

In order to produce milk, cows have to eat. For cows to eat, feed needs to be available to them whenever they choose. Pushing up feed is an invaluable feed management tool to ensure your cows are producing at their highest potential.

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How to create your 2022 feed plan

A review of your dairy’s performance measurements and rations can indicate where areas of opportunities and challenges lie and help identify clear goals. When formulating your strategic plan for 2022, try this approach.

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