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Maybe you feel the pressure of being the dairy’s next generation. Things keep getting more complicated. Staying profitable is tougher than ever. And on top of that, you want the generation after you to step into a thriving dairy. Lean on us. We can help you navigate new technologies and management practices, so that you can realize your dreams. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

White Heart Award

People Supporting Dairy Farmers

During this extraordinarily difficult time, we all have read and seen incredible stories of people helping one another. The White Heart Award recognizes and rewards individuals who have selflessly supported a dairy farmer. If you own a dairy and someone has recently helped you in some way, click below to nominate them for this award.

Nominate for White Heart Award

Sampling for Spring Mycotoxins - What Can You Do?

Last fall presented many challenging weather conditions causing many crops being put up either wet or frozen. While many associate mycotoxin risk with harvest and the fall season, mycotoxins can be a dangerous factor year-round. As weather begins to warm up, mold and mycotoxin risks can increase as well.

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Nutrition is just one piece of the milk-production pie.

The best recipes call for 100% high quality ingredients and the same goes for successful milk production. In addition to high-quality nutrition, GreLyn Farms prioritizes their facilities, technology, breeding, and hard work. Cargill noted while our focus is nutrition, we routinely evaluate GreLyn’s breeding protocols, cow comfort, and records before making decisions.

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Milk saved and people served through generous donations

When Cargill dairy customers are told their milk must be dumped because it has nowhere to go, the news is devastating for the customer and Cargill. We know many families are in need of this nutritious product, but donating milk directly from a farm to a food bank is not possible. Milk must be transported, processed, and bottled before it can be delivered and the cost is often more than a farm can bare. 

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Cargill Launches Recognition Program - The White Heart Award

Cargill is pleased to announce a new initiative to help dairy farmers in the U.S. recognize the people who support them through difficult times with a distinguished White Heart Award. Dairy farmers can nominate anyone who has shown them an act of kindness, big or small at

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