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Bringing Dreams to Life.

For Over 100 Years.


Maybe you feel the pressure of being the dairy’s next generation. Things keep getting more complicated. Staying profitable is tougher than ever. And on top of that, you want the generation after you to step into a thriving dairy. Lean on us. We can help you navigate new technologies and management practices, so that you can realize your dreams. These are the stories of how Cargill helps dairies thrive.

White Heart Award

People Supporting Dairy Farmers

Congratulations to our 2020 White Heart Award Winners:

  • Central Region: Maria Lammers, nominated by Kathryn Frankenberg from Frankenberg Family Farm 

  • Eastern Region: Steven Entwistle nominated by Betty Holman from Entwistle Brothers Farm

  • Western Region: Troy Wallin nominated by Kathy Wallin from Troy Wallin Dairy

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Starting calves on the right hoof

When Mark Osterkamp moved from Southern California to West Texas to bring Osterkamp Dairy to life in 2003, he knew he wanted to continue his family’s legacy. Mark is a fourth-generation dairy farmer after his great grandfather began dairying in the 1920s. Today, Osterkamp Dairy is home to an efficient, productive Holstein herd all because Mark got the “bug” to follow in his family’s footsteps.

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His heart is in his cows and community

Steve Entwistle, winner of the East White Heart Award, has always been thought of by his community as a “giver.” He is the type of person that whenever someone passes away, he is one of the first to bring a meat platter and rolls to the family—If it is a farm family, he makes sure that they have enough help on the farm and if financially they are okay.

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Do a winter safety audit

Not only does winter bring on less than ideal working temperatures it can also cause a spike in work-related accidents. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017, there were 20,460 injuries related to ice, sleet, and snow. These were just the incidents reported, which do not include those that might be labelled as “minor.” Although some might be thought of as such, they still disrupt the routine of not having these work-related accidents.

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How precise is your nutrition program?

As our industry experiences unprecedented volatility, the more precise and efficient operations will be better positioned for long-term success. In this article we guide you through today’s useful technologies, how to better buy your feed and nutrients, and aligning production to pricing.

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